Health Challenge

Lc healthchallenge

Please register for this amazing event to be involved, receive the updates and let us know that you are participating. Health looks different for everyone, so you can determine what this challenge looks like for you. Set you own goals.

We will have a 5K to kick it off on OCT 1st - at 6pm. This will help you get a base line. You can determine how you did, how you felt and it will help to see what you need to work on. This is not a race against others.

We will end it with another 5K on DEC 30th in the morning. The hope is to improve your time and how you feel while doing it.

September 24th there will be a class for Nutritional/Fitness basics. In addition you can participate in a free month class through camp gladiator.

There will be an accountability element if you would like to participate. Weigh in and measurement goal establishment.

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Event Details

  • Oct 1
    6:00 pm
    Dec 30
    8:00 pm